Temporal Exposomic Sequencing Platform

Identifying novel biomarkers of health and disease by connecting temporal exposomic sequences to a global data set from thousands of patients.

Our Platform

Our platform consists of temporal exposomic sequencing, cutting edge data science with machine learning analytics, and a comprehensive patient data set.

Using a strand of hair, temporal exposomic sequencing bridges genomics and the environment by mapping the dynamic biochemical patterns of an individual’s unique biological response to environmental exposures over time. Instead of simply assessing how much of a chemical is in the hair strand, it reveals how measurements change over time and in relation to each other.

The result is a molecular movie, not a snapshot. The patterns are very complex. When our data scientists discover patterns that are different for people who have a certain medical condition and those who do not, we can begin our rigorous biomarker validation process.

Temporal exposomic sequencing includes:

Innovative laser application

Proprietary robotics

Our platform uses deep data science to create precision phenotyping for drug discovery:

International studies to sequence the exposome