The LinusBio proprietary platform uses retrospective exposome sequencing to bridge genomics, the environment, and biological response

It is the first technology platform that maps the molecular dynamics of human physiology in a time-dependent manner.​

Active Platform Highlights

The LinusBio platform supports the discovery of novel biomarkers to deliver value as:

  • Diagnostics 
  • Objective endpoints in clinical trials
  • Measurements of therapeutic effect of investigational compounds
  • Outcome measurements 

Our platform encompasses proprietary laser and robotics hardware, data science, and a unique global data  set connecting the human exposome to clinical outcomes

Novel Biophysics

Proprietary Laser Science

  • First in-class laser ablation for organic molecules
  • Does not fragment molecules unlike conventional lasers

Proprietary Robotics

  • Microdissection of tissues without raising temperature
  • High-throughput automated analysis of tissue samples for exposomics


Deep Data Science

Precision phenotyping for:

  • Pathway Identification
  • Metabolic phenotyping
  • Clinical sub-typing
  • Continuous monitoring of alterations in pathway dynamics during treatment


International studies to sequence the exposome

  • Similar to the human genome project, establish the human exposome sequence
  • Map disrupted pathways to this database to classify disease

Studies underway in 10 countries