Our Story

Our mission is to improve human health through environmental biodynamics.

LinusBio is a patient-centric, precision exposome medicine company headquartered in New York, NY. 

Originating from the world’s leading exposome laboratory at Mount Sinai Health System, Linus has developed a technology platform that builds on breakthroughs in exposome sequencing by trailblazing researchers Drs. Manish Arora, Christine Austin and Paul Curtin.

The Company’s program pipeline comprises precision exposome medicine biomarkers and target discovery across disease domains for which historically no molecular endpoints have been available in medical practice or for clinical trials, including CNS (autism spectrum disorder, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), gastroenterology (inflammatory bowel disease), renal disease and oncology. 


  • 2013

    Mount Sinai Program established

  • 2019

    National NIH Center

  • 2020

    Linus incorporated

  • 2019-2022

    Patents filed

  • 2021

    Strategic partnership with two international pharma companies

  • 2021

    Academic contracts
    $2 Million in revenue

  • Aug 2021

    FDA grants breakthrough designation for first in class autism biomarker on August 6, 2021
    Trademarked as StrandDX-ASD

  • Ready to commercialize