LinusBio Recognized at the 2022 Mount Sinai Innovation Awards

Dr. Manish Arora Speaks at the Innovation Awards ceremony. Photo by Monika Graff Contact:

The Biotech Startup, That Developed A Novel Precision Exposome Sequencing Platform, Has Been Selected As The Winner Of The Transaction Of The Year Award

On Monday October 24 2022, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai hosted the 8th annual Mount Sinai Innovation Awards, celebrating numerous honors that recognize significant contributions in biomedical education and industry.

Drs. Manish Arora, Christine Austin and Paul Curtin – co-founders of LinusBio – were presented with the Transaction of the Year award. The award recognizes a notable technology from the Mount Sinai Health System that represents a major breakthrough in research and a strong commercial partnership for advancement. LinusBio was selected for its novel approach in developing and commercializing precision exposome sequencing for complex diseases, achieving significant diagnostic and prognostic advancements. Moreover, the company was recognized for its subsequent milestones, including U.S. FDA Breakthrough Device designation for the StrandDx-ASD platform – a diagnostic aid for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“Our mission is nothing short of transforming the manner in which complex diseases are diagnosed and treated,” said Dr. Manish Arora, co-founder and CEO at LinusBio, “Our platform offers a novel approach: we are looking beyond the genomic components of disease – an area that so far has been neglected for many health conditions. By doing so, we aim to assist families, individuals, and healthcare providers to improve and enhance health.

Right to left: Dr. Manish Arora, Dr. Christine Austin, Dr. Paul Curtin, Dr. Erik Lium. Photo by Monika Graff Contact: