Manish Arora, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO

Manish is Professor and Vice Chairman of Environmental Medicine. He is the Director of the first exposome laboratory at Mount Sinai, which is also an NIH designated national center. He is a recipient of the US PECASE Presidential Award.

Christine Austin, PhD
Co-Founder, Director Of Laboratory Science

Christine is an analytical chemist and Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She leads spatiotemporal chemical analysis in the first exposome laboratory at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.


Paul Curtin, PhD
Co-Founder, Director Of Data Science

Paul is a neuroscientist, computational biologist. He has led machine learning and computational methods development for nationwide projects relating to neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration and contributed to the Biodynamic Interface Conjecture and related theoretical perspectives.


Kathy Ryan
Chief Financial Officer
Ronak Kadakia
Chief Operating Officer
Nicole Shanahan
Advisor to the Board
Aviad Yitshak-Sade
Director of Marketing and Communications