Our mission is to improve human health through environmental biodynamics.

LinusBio aspires to transform the way complex Health Conditions are diagnosed and treated.

Originating from world’s leading exposome research laboratory

Spinning out of Mount Sinai Health System, New York, an NIH Center and reference laboratory for the novel frontier science.

Enables characterization of biological pathways beyond what genomics can do

Linus data science can incorporate genomic and other -omic datasets into their exposomics pipeline.

Precision exposome medicine = “deep phenotyping”

A scientific breakthrough with the potential to transform the diagnosis and treatment of disease, as sequencing for mutations in genomics began to do 25 years ago.

“Sequencing the exposome and biological response at a molecular level using our propriety environmental biodynamics platform is furthering our understanding of disease through a completely novel approach”

Manish Arora, PhD, BDS, MPH, co-founder and CEO, LinusBio