Pioneers of
Precision Exposome Medicine

At LinusBio, our innovative precision medicine approach bridges genomics and the environment to transform the way complex health conditions are diagnosed and treated.

Unlocking novel insights with our one-of-a-kind temporal exposomic platform

Using a strand of hair, we map the patterns of an individual’s unique biologic response to environmental exposures over time at a molecular level through temporal exposomic sequencing.

As innovative as the first movie was for a world familiar only with still images, our platform is the first technology to reveal the molecular dynamics of human physiology in a time-dependent manner. Our platform incorporates cutting-edge data science to compare these molecular signatures (the “movies”) to our global patient data set and identify novel biomarkers of health and disease.

We’re delivering on the promise of precision medicine for patients who have been left behind

We focus where the need is great: novel biomarkers for health conditions which have lacked biological tests to aid in diagnosis, such as CNS and GI disorders.

StrandDx™ASD shows great potential

We are dedicated to the development and advancement of StrandDx™ASD, a non-invasive diagnostic aid for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers and families in making informed choices for their child's care.

Latest Press Releases

LinusBio Bucks Market Slowdown, Secures Additional $8M in A2 Funding with Increased Valuation

Investment will help fuel  international partnerships, scale production of its early autism diagnostic aid test – StrandDx™ASD – which is expected to …

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LinusBio Raises $16 Million to Scale Growth and Deliver Tangible Outcomes

The company set to unveil an early autism and ALS detection and treatment platform New York City – January 13, 2023 – LinusBio, …

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Novozymes and LinusBio announce collaboration to accelerate scientific discovery in Biohealth

Novozymes, the world leader in biological solutions, and LinusBio (Linus Biotechnology Inc.), a leader in precision exposome sequencing, today announced the companies …

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